Psyche Map

This project is a set of tarot card works by artist Galaxia Wang. Galaxia has been studying the patterns of butterflies, dragonflies and patterns of otherinsects around the world in the three years since the onset of the pandemic. By combining the beautiful wing patterns of insects studied with the images of friends from all walks of life and all around the world, He created the 120 tarot cards.

Psyche is the name of the goddess of the soul in Greek mythology. She is the companion of Cupid, the god of love, and represents the human soul, inner emotions, memories and desires. The translucent wings on her body are a sign of the soul. The 120 cards correspond to the energy of the ten planets in astrology which symbolize the relationship between the earth and the surrounding stars, as well as the relationship between the individual and the universe. The costumes of the characters are like the wings of a butterfly. Pieced together they constitute a map of the psychic world. The pandemic has changed our lives. Many people are unable to travel or communicate as usual, but their souls remain immortal. Roaming souls are nomads yearning to be free like soaring butterflies. This deck of cards is also an electronic print work carefully created by the artist, featuring stylish designs with traditional and contemporary elements from each continent. Galaxia hopes that people can pay attention to the selected butterflies when they use this deck of divination cards, to appreciate science, divination, art and entertainment.

The wings of Psyche, the goddess of the soul, symbolize the intrinsic desire to achieve what one yearns for in life. Her wings could be those of butter-flies, whiteflies or other flying insects. Every card has elements of the insect wing like gauze, with features of virtual garment, virtual model or virtual animal. Each card is a popularization of flying insects with soaring souls. The many colorful insects with beautiful patterns of stripe and streak and their actual ecological distribution, inspire the creation of this Psyche Map.

The wing of the insect on each card has its own tonality and is complemented by different colors and patterns. The enquirer’s fortune can be divined through analysis and comparison of the colors and patterns on the card he or she has drawn. On each card, there is a corresponding divination scheme copy of analysis and corresponding astral energy complete with the source of the insect wings.