Galaxia Wang


THE FOX, une performance prolétarienne

Date:  9-10 mai 2015 

 Instituto Svizzero di Roma, 

C'est une performance sur la vie d'animisme, Galaxia Wang incarne un rôle comme un renard qui vit dans 3 mondes , le monde l'intérieur, le monde ancien et le monde contemporain. 

Cette performance avec 3 parties:  1, Space cake, la chanson en Colossia, une langue inventée

                                                           2,  Time and the water &magic paganini

                                                           3,  What does the fox say 


Textes pour 3 parties de la performance : 

1, space cake 

Actrice:  Gaia Vincensini (dans la vidéo projection)

les textes en anglais et colossia- space cake texte: 

Oetäadm xjhzibpti

jié li köchtun vç iioiev is-l oetäadta hyhshinn

täad snrosofuu

Mmözu l étun vizrot x j-rehrüom, li zhésèfh iioiev iikgédee th hyhoann. Esh hç roih pq ép i.

Mmözu m étunx hç zhnoieh> lé li gnhroccnb. 

Fcroo tïraééx j-röeutrnf ihccokev li aoebäo, iioiew jéht t-zhckw> lé, is-li staloi j-li sässjr ivi crïéc.

lii imainhx chénoiew< x wom> yiyev oz jikar> ll utomx, fcroo-röeutrnf kussyiyoiev< th sösztoiev>, lii éex éeoiew> i lèu sösztn.

Li fyhzn ior-khigoiev>, îkakoieh j-kéeh> cor-x zhth<. Yadiaoieh> j-zhdth> lii utomx e-li hgikäa. Yadiaoieh> j- raahèh> ioröo-h uossyïh> jié-ioröo uüht.

zhhunisuh> hie’zheu li pyluluu, zhtoieh< täorhev th Fcroo tïraééx yélfhééoiew>, jiéraoebäo épp kôhkô, îkakoieh j-kéeh> yroev cor-zhdth> e-li hgikäa.

hzhtrjaoieh> yroev mmö éj, eumtes* vizrot x rgete bäm stäsjsé oz jvree. Ihev thtokah>,gzfh> th huuhoah>.

keanv ivi li rord x eumnv<, oowktuh>, pumt-li rordsösz.

Hç éeoh> lii ngnissünx usii ropvx ii ktu, li oyattöm iioiev pmzom, li cöloo iioiev thta is-zuhon*.

Roih éeo lii utomx ngnissx, hç roih rot ép utoox unäloix, chén’iiu li oetäadm ropv ii ssössozt i éö tïraéé. Keanv zhtoieh<.

Space cake

It started as a normal dessert 

sweet crisp 

No effect after an hour, sane. So I added a piece 

After three hours I was in bed 

Various parts of the body, especially the heart was pulled up off the feeling as a kind of soul force 

My fingers can not grasp objects or closed, convulsions shake. The eyes see things a little twisted. 

In the fight against my will, my eyes desperately does not want to sleep, I want to compete with this kind of strength, I want to make me stay in my body 

I'm stubborn fatigue, sleep while the body rising. Extreme fear in my heart, I have to open our eyes to this power struggle again. 

I struggled repeatedly over a long period without any illusion or floating in this wonderful time, competing only with difficulty and yelling for help. 

Followed by stomach pain, vomiting, stomach cramps probably was 

I saw the shooting vomit, pantothenic acid taste, color and consistency of cake were the same as before. 

Having seen the vomit, I found security. Probably the cake is digested only a small part. 

Then I slept

2, time and the water &magic paganini, music remix and immiter les frogs and snakes.

video of the chute , video of the sea boys and the poem in icelandic 

with textes in english translation 

Timmen og Vatnið

The Time and the Water

Tíminn er eins og vatnið,

   og vatnið er kalt og djúpt

   eins og vitund mín sjálfs.

   Og tíminn er eins og mynd,

   sem er máluð af vatninu

   og mér til hálfs.

   Og tíminn og vatnið

   renna veglaust til þurrðar

   inn í vitund mín sjálfs.

Time is like the water,

   and the water is cold and deep

   like my own consciousness.

   And time is like a picture,

   which is painted of water,

   half of it by me.

   And time and the water

   flow trackless to extinction

   into my own consciousness.


sólin var hjá mér,

eins og grannvaxin kona,

á gulum skóm.

Í tvítugu djúpi

svaf trú mín og ást

eins og tvílitt blóm.

Og sólin gekk

yfir grunlaust blómið

á gulum skóm.

The sun,

The sun was with me,

like a slender woman, 

in yellow shoes.

Sunken in the second decade of life

my belief and love slept

like a two toned flower.

And the sun walked

over the unsuspecting flower 

in yellow shoes.

About the poem work

 Timmen og Vatnið by Steinn Steinarr (1908–1958)



3, what does the fox say

imiter un robot fox, read the text, jouer le kalimba, avec un video projection.


Dog goes woof

Cat goes meow

Bird goes tweet

and mouse goes squeek

Cow goes moo

Frog goes croak

and the elephant goes toot

Ducks say quack

and fish go blub

and the seal goes ow ow ow ow ow

But theres one sound

That no one knows

What does the fox say?




What the fox say?




What the fox say?




What the fox say?




What the fox say?

Big blue eyes

Pointy nose

Chasing mice

and digging holes

Tiny paws

Up the hill

Suddenly youre standing still

Your fur is red

So beautiful

Like an angel in disguise

But if you meet

a friendly horse

Will you communicate by




How will you speak to that




What does the fox say?




What the fox say?




What the fox say?

A-hee-ahee ha-hee!

A-hee-ahee ha-hee!

A-hee-ahee ha-hee!

What the fox say?



What does the fox say?

The secret of the fox

Ancient mystery

Somewhere deep in the woods

I know youre hiding

What is your sound?

Will we ever know?

Will always be a mystery

What do you say?

Youre my guardian angel

Hiding in the woods

What is your sound?